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10 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water: There is a saying that ‘when life gives you lemons make lemon juice and drink it. This might sound funny but holds true for many situations and people.

For ages, lemon has been one of the best citrus fruit loaded with one of the most powerful antioxidants Vitamin C. One medium-sized lemon has about 30 mg of vitamin C which meets 50% of our RDA for Vitamin C. Tangy citric taste of lemon is loved by almost everyone and why not, it comes with loads of health benefits as well. If you start drinking lemon water, I am sure you will see changes in your body. The first sign of change that you can look for is on your face itself. Daily lemon water for 7 days will show a significant change in your facial skin and body skin. It will add a natural glow, dark spots will be reduced and wrinkles will be less. The next change which you can expect is on your weight. Along with diet and exercise, your metabolism will be boosted with lemon water and you can see a few pounds being cut off.

In this article, we are gonna see how drinking lemon water can do miracles to your body. It is not just 7 days challenge to drink lemon water but one should drink it on a daily basis.

10 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

1. Helps to keep hydrated

As per RDA, individuals should drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily to keep hydrated. Drinking just plain water can be boring and tasteless also. Having lemon water can promote the intake of water and one can stay hydrated efficiently. Lemon can be used in infusion drinks also as it promotes great taste and health benefits.

2. Good source of vitamin C

Lemon is loaded with one of the most powerful antioxidant vitamin C, which helps to scavenge free radicles generated in the body. Vitamin C helps to prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease, stroke, helps in weight loss, and many more health benefits are seen. Anti-oxidant properties of vitamin C make the immune system stronger and protect from seasonal colds and coughs.

3. Supports weight-loss

Vitamin C of lemon water helps to shred off few pounds if drank empty stomach in the early morning. It can be used as a low-calorie replacement and in between meals also to support weight loss therapy. Good results have been seen in reducing belly fat as well as on overall reduction in body fat. Drinking lemon water early morning helps to boosts metabolism and therefore achieves weight loss.

4. Skin health

Many beauty products have Vitamin C as the main ingredient because it helps to keep all skin issues at bay. Vitamin C of lemon water slows down aging and reduces the scars and dark spots on the skin. Also, it helps to slow down the wrinkles on the face and adds glow to the skin. Many face packs are added lemon juice to get all these skin benefits. It helps in collagen formation and generates new healthy cells.

5. Prevents constipation

Drinking lemon water early morning also has added benefit of promoting easy bowel. It helps to prevent constipation. After heavy meals, there is a practice of drinking lemon water so that digestion becomes easy. It helps to digest food with ease and prevents bloating and flatulence.

6. Good breath

Lemon water neutralizes the acidic breath of your mouth and keeps you fresh all the time. The citric acid of lemon water will kill all bacteria present in the mouth and keeps good and fresh breath. Also, it prevents tooth decay which can be one of the reasons for bad breath.

7. Prevents kidney stones

People with a history of kidney stones are always advised to have a lot of lemon water daily since many studies have shown that drinking lemon water prevents the reoccurrence of stones. Vitamin C and citric acid in lemon water help to dissolve the small stones which might develop in the kidney. Further, kidney stones develop due to lack of water intake and lemon water being soothing and tasty promotes water intake and ultimately prevents stones.

8. Prevents urine infection

Summers are the main culprits for the occurrence of urine infections in many people. It is very painful and needs a lot of care. Drinking lemon water daily helps to keep hydrated and vitamin C helps to make the immune system stronger and thus prevents the occurrence of urinary tract infection. Reoccurring urine infection can also be one of the reasons for the development of kidney stones which are very painful and at times need to be operated.

9. Prevents cardiovascular disease

lemon water has significantly reduced the rate of cardiovascular disease because of vitamin C content, a powerful anti-oxidant responsible to improve the endothelial function of the arteries and veins. It helps to remove the blood clots and prevents plaque formation. Thus prevents the occurrence of atherosclerosis and further damage to the heart.

10. Helps to control blood sugar

Studies have shown that vitamin C helps to slow down carbohydrate digestion and thus improves blood sugar levels in the case of diabetic people.  It improves the response of insulin towards sugar levels and prevents quick absorption.  Moreover, it helps in keeping the fat levels at a reduced rate.

How to make lemon water in 4 ways

  • Squeeze one medium-size lemon juice in a glass, add a pinch of salt, 1tbs of sugar and add ice cubes. This can be used as a summer drink to keep hydrated and fresh.
  • Squeeze lemon juice in one glass, add a pinch of salt, pinch of asafetida. This is excellent for digestion and overcomes bloating post heavy meals.
  • Squeeze lemon juice in one glass, add mint juice 1tbs, a pinch of salt, half tbs sugar and ice cubes. This can be an excellent coolant and another one for digestion.
  • Plain water with lemon juice early morning can be used for weight loss and to have easy bowels.



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