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7 Yoga Poses That You Should Do First Thing in The Morning


Doing 7 yoga poses in the morning hours is considered s a very great activity and it also pleases god and increases the spiritual growth of a person.

There is no doubt that yoga is a form of physical exercise that is filled with a number of advantages and only advantages. Yoga is something that does not only brings fitness but gets you more strength and endurance.

Doing yoga early morning also increases a person’s concentration and control over the mind and body. It brings versatility to the body and makes it more flexible. But it is also a very well-known fact that doing yoga isn’t an easy task.

There is a number of poses and forms of yoga. So, it is always a question that which one to perform in the morning hours/ Which yoga poses are best to do in the morning for effective results? Well, the following are some of those yoga poses which are considered among the best 7 yoga poses and can be the best yoga poses that one can do every morning for better results:

7 Yoga Poses That You Should Do First Thing in The Morning

7 Yoga Poses

1. Cat Cow Pose

Cat cow is one of the best yoga poses that you can choose for your morning hours. It is a yoga pose that is very much easy to do and shows effective results in a very short time. These 7 yoga poses basically strengthen the spine and neck of a person.

Not just this, but cat and cow pose is also being performed in order to get a proper body posture. It is a kind of warm-up yoga for the body and helps a person to enhance their endurance and strength.

2. Child’s Pose

Child’s pose is yet another great yoga pose tha6tone can choose for their early morning yoga schedule. This pose is basically done in order to relax the body. It is very common that our body these days remains very tired and stressed and therefore’ this pose really brings peace to the mind and relaxes the body to the full.

It generally slows down the mind due to which the mind gets free from stress and another great aspect of this pose is that it opens the hips of a person and makes the body versatile.

3. Sunbird Pose

Another amazing pose that can be done in the early morning is the sunbird pose. This pose is really interesting to do as it is related to the core of a person’s body. This pose is very much effective for the morning hours because it rebuilds the lost strength of a person and works on the core of a person.

It is very much good for the arms, legs, and glutes. It generally activates each part of the body and maintains the proper mechanism of the body.

4. Rabbit Pose

Seems very creative with the name but the rabbit pose is quite difficult to do but no doubt it is worth the difficulty. It is one of those 7 yoga poses that one should definitely do firstly in the morning. It is very much effective as it elongates the spine and makes it stronger.

It opens up the body and helps in the proper stretching. It makes the shoulder blades more flexible and enhances the strength of the upper body. This is very essential to do in the morning because it overall helps the body to recover from fatigue.

5. Thered And Needle Pose

Here is another amazing yoga pose that is very much great to do in the morning hours. This yoga pose is extremely engaging and definitely beneficial for an individual’s body. It strengthens each part of a person’s body. It also stretches the shoulders of a persona and increases its flexibility.

It makes the body more vulnerable and tough. It generally works efficiently for the upper body of a person and also stretches the neck.

6. Down Dog Pose

It improves blood circulation in the body which result brings more oxygen and nutrients throughout various parts of the body. More oxygen further improves the functioning of your body and gives you glowing skin too. It surely Strengthens the shoulders and stretches the hamstrings.

Every individual should perform this down dog yoga posture every morning because it has a number of benefits that will make a person healthy and fit.

7. Plank

Plank is very much good for the body. Not just it increases the strength of the body but it also activates the core muscles. People who are looking forward to losing belly fat, it is very much good at that as well.

lank is something that even gym trainers suggest to the people and an individual should definitely perform it every morning in order to get great results in a shorter duration of time. Though it is a little painful to do planks definitely it could be an amazing pose that one can ever do.


So now that you are aware of the benefits of yoga, it isn’t much difficult for you to make a decision. Learning yoga isn’t a tough task nowadays. There’s an increase in the interest of people in yoga due to various social media channels and yoga experts.

There are various yoga classes being opened that are teaching many people about yoga and its postures. The best way to start practicing yoga is to join a yoga class and learn from the basics because if your basics of yoga are strong, you may end up building strong yoga ethics.

Whether you want health benefits, or you want to bring positive spiritual changes, 7 yoga poses will help you to do both. There are various books available that can teach you about yoga and its ethics. These books are written by famous practitioners of yoga.

They are easily available in various bookstores. You can even learn from them about yoga and its various postures. Yoga also includes meditation which increases your concentration power and makes you more versatile. So overall, yoga is very beneficial in every aspect and it isn’t difficult to learn it.


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