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10 Ayurvedic Remedies to Lose Weight


Ayurvedic Remedies to Lose Weight: The modern way of consuming junk food has significantly made the lifestyles of us humans much fragile and unhealthy when we tend to eat the food we are either feeding the disease or fighting it. In this era of busy and hectic schedules, our priorities have totally shifted towards our work and profession which is quite good from a perspective but also quite harmful for our health.

People these days are more inclined towards fast food and packaged food items which eventually ruins their health. So, if you have been gaining weight significantly then it’s high time for you to realize that it’s not good at all.

Ayurvedic Remedies to Lose Weight


Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medications and all of the medicines are totally made up of natural substances i.e. plants. It is for sure a fact that, unlike other medicines, ayurvedic medicines do not react in a bad manner to the human body so it’s totally safe.

So, in this blog, we will have a look at a few of the ayurvedic remedies to lose weight.


Pepper contains an element that is known as piperine and this particular element tends to help the human body to eliminate fat from the body, it is also highly beneficial to enhance fat metabolism which eventually aids in breaking down fat faster.


This is a kind of seed or also known as black seed or black cumin seed. Well, you can have this seed in both forms i.e. oil and seed itself, as per Ayurvedic history Kalonji helps to lose weight consistently, but modern scientists still are performing the research.


As per Ayurvedic history and scientists of the modern era, this remedy has proved to lower blood sugar levels and further weight loss too. The term Triphala is an ayurvedic word and it means – three(Tri) fruits(Phala) are combined together to form an ayurvedic remedy or medicine and i.e. 1- Amalaki 2-Bibhitaki 3-Haritaki.

An Ayurveda concoction

Basically, you will need 3 key elements that are Mix kutki, Chitral, and trika. If you live in India then you will surely find all those elements within your locality, blend all of those in similar portions, take warm water and mix one tablespoon of concoction. This concoction aids in detoxifying the body and enhances fat break down metabolism.

Honey, lemon and warm water

Harmful toxin inside the body is one of the most prominent reasons for gaining fat. A glass of warm water with lemon and honey can help remove the toxins, improves the metabolism, and regularizes bowel movement. Having this concoction on an empty stomach on a regular basis in the early morning can put the body into the fat-burning mode from the beginning of the day and within weeks you will notice the change if you tend to work out for at least 1hour per day.

Food items that improve digestive system

As per Ayurveda, weight loss is very relevant to the digestive system, and food items like papaya, bitter gourd, garlic aids in enhancing the digestive system which further helps in consistent weight loss.

Curry leaves

In Ayurveda, this is more than a garnishing material. As per ayurvedic science, there is an element known as mahanimbine which helps in detoxifying, enhances digestion, and further aids in burning fat off the body.

Aloe Juice

Aloe juice has been recently gaining popularity because of its unlimited benefits and yes, it does help in enhancing the digestive system and fat metabolism. Prepare aloe juice from a fresh part of the plant, add it to warm water, and there it is, your ayurvedic remedy to lose weight.

Horse Gram

This is one of the most effective food items and it is also available everywhere (Chane ki daal). You just need to soak it in water, add salt and few amounts spices as per your taste bud and you are good to enjoy a detoxifying, fat-burning meal.


Recently, according to research cabbage can also help to lose weight by enhancing the digestive system and excretion system. People prefer it fried but as per Ayurveda, you can eat the cabbage raw by properly rinsing it.


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