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The One Baking Soda Trick Everyone Should Know


In our day to day life, there are many things that we use for multiple purposes. There is a number of things which work as home remedies and bring a huge difference in our work. There are many ingredients that are taken out of our kitchen walls and used for various aspects. Turmeric is one of the most used ingredients which is being used as a home remedy and help number of people get rid of various problems. One other such thing is baking soda.

There is no doubt that baking soda is something that everyone keeps in their kitchen wardrobes but it is also a very well known fact that baking soda is used in very few recipes and plays a secondary role n cooking life. But there is a specialty of baking soda that it can be used does various other purposes other than cooking. There is a number of things that baking soda can do very efficiently. Baking soda has a wonderful cleaning action quality which no other ingredient has. Well, there is a number of people who are not aware of the qualities of baking soda and do not know what miracles this little ingredient can do. So if you are one of them, then following are mentioned some mind-blowing tricks that baking soda can do, have a look:

Properties of Baking Soda

It is very much clear by now that baking soda plays a very important role in various aspects of life. But there is something about baking soda which makes it a versatile ingredient. There are few properties of baking soda which are very much great and make baking soda definitely different than the other ingredients. Scientifically, baking soda is sodium bicarbonate which is basically a chemical compound. This chemical compound is very much good for actions like baking and cleaning due to the way it reacts with acid. Baking soda directly reacts with acid and show great effects. It has an abrasive texture which makes it very much effective while scrubbing. Due to its abrasive texture, this can be used to clan very stubborn dirt and even greasy corners. Following ae some of the properties of baking soda which makes it best and different :

1. It is a chemical compound.

2. Scientifically, it is known as sodium bicarbonate.

3. It has gr3eat cleaning action properties.

4. It is used for the purpose o baking.

5. It reacts very affectively with the acid.

6. It even cleans the greasy and oily dirt.

Well, above were some of the great properties of baking soda which makes it very different and helpful in multiple aspects.


Now that we are aware of the various properties of baking soda, we can see that it can be used for multiple aspects. Let’s see what are those aspects in which baking soda can make an impact and bring marvelous changes:

1. Baking Soda Act as a Natural Deodorant

Baking soda acts as a natural ingredient. It has properties that are very much familiar to the deodorants and show effective results when sued on a  daily basis. It can be used with little water in a rough texture. If you are rubbing this baking soda mixed with little water on a continuous basis, you will notice a different odor. Baking soda has properties that combat body odor without any use of chemicals. It is very great and shows amazing results. Therefore, if you are struggling with bad arms odor, then baking soda is the best remedy for you which will not cost you anything and show amazing results in a very short duration o time.

2. Help with the Insect Bites Itching and Irritation

There is no doubt that whenever an insect bites us, we end up with full of irritation and itching. We feel very frustrate. This happens because the insects have certain acids that come in contact with our bodies when they bite us. What baking soda does is that it reacts with the harmful acid and end its effect and gives us relief. Baking soda can be mixed with little water and when applied open the infected area, you will notice immediate results and relief from the itching and irritation. Hence, baking soda can help you to get rid of the problems created by an insect bite.


It is very much clear that baking soda has amazing cleaning properties and therefore, it helps you to get rid of stubborn stains that are not going for ages. It comes in contact with dirt and removes it from the roots very efficiently and makes it very much clean and nice.


It is very much often that we see our silver jeweler becomes dull nd turns black which is very disheartening at times. But do not worry since baking soda is all here to help you to remove these tarnishes from your silver jeweler. Yes, take a little bit of baking soda and mix it with little water and rub it over the jeweler. Soon you will notice the change in your jewelry and you will surely get amazing results.


Well, above were some of the tricks in which baking soda can be used very effectively. make sure that you are using baking soda for the right purpose and in the right quantity in order to get the required results. Quantity of baking soda should be right because it is a chemical compound that can be harmful if used in the larger quantity especially over the skin and delicate parts of the body. Therefore, make sure that you are using t with proper precautions and care. baking soda is a miracle full ingredient and has amazing uses other than just baking. Once you are aware of the uses of baking soda, it is for sure that you are not going to come in contact with any other sodium bicarbonate stuff because baking soda will clear all your mess and problems. Hence, baking soda is something that an individual must have at their homes and use it properly for the right purpose.


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