Choose a Crystal To Receive a Oracle Reading

Choose a crystal to receive an oracle reading. If you can’t decide to pick more than one scroll down to get your results. Take a look at that beautiful crystal and choose the one that got your attention the most.


In order for things to shift for you, you must make room for the new to come on in. The new may be a belief system, a new process, a new way of eating and/ or exercising. It may be a number of different things and it all has to do with what shifts you are wanting to create in your life. The universal energy is coming into a time of great advancement and you are a key player. 


There is no dought that you have been tremendous stress these days. You have been doing an amazing job of keeping it together and now it is time to take a bit of a breather. the suggestions are to take a day two of, meditate, journals and/ or give yourself time to contemplate the recent events and regroup your thoughts now that you have even more clarity due to overcoming the recent challenge. There is on more hurdle to overcome which is why it is so important to allow yourself time to reset your energy, thoughts, and emotions You have got this 


Now is the time to focus. We understand that often you are distracted by the things that draw your attention away from what needs immediate fixing. You must choose the priorities of what is important to you and those that you support throughout this lifetime and eliminate all distractions as you move forward for the highest good for you and all of those in your soul group that you have chosen to be with at this time in your life


The focus that you need to have right now should be on a family. There is a family situation that is needing your attention, Love and support. You are one of the main lights available for the situation and to be the anchoring energy for those involved is so important right now. We know that you do not take this lightly, and trust that you will give it all of the focus that is needs for the highest good. we are next to your side, supporting you along the way and taking care of you and your


The solutions you are seeking are woven within your experiences. look past the suffering the unfortunate and the injustices you have experienced. there is much wisdom that has already been gained from all you have been through. these experiences have brought you the pace of higher understanding. you are becoming wiser and wiser with each situation that you have navigated through. Take time to go within to obtain the answers you are seeking. You have the ability to access sage wisdom within yourself

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