Choose a Healing Crystal to Receive a 111 Message For You

If you read this, your angels are surrounding you with their love and support. Continue your hard work & watch Abundance manifestation

Change is coming now and god will listen your prayers. Choose a Healing Crystal to Receive a 444 Message For You.

1. Rose Quartz

Famously known as the “Stone of Love”, Rose Quartz strengthens relationships and opens your hearth to all kinds of love: this includes romantic love, love for friends, love for the self and love for one’s surroundings.

Its gentle energy inspires compassion and forgiveness. It heals all wounds of the heart and aids with grief and loss. Use your Rose Quartz to move on from pain, attract romance and foster caring relationships

2. Sodalite

Sodalite is the ultimate stone for self-expression. With this dreamy blue stone you’ll not only discover your innermost truths, you’ll feel compelled to share them. A stone of self-awareness and self-acceptance, Sodalite is just what you need to trust your judgment and stand up for yourself.

Use Sodalite for boos in confidence and self-stem.

3. Amethyst 

One of the most covered game-stones, Amethyst inspires tranquility and protects the aura form negative energy. It encourages spiritual growth and wisdom by helping the user tap inot the divine. Because of its spiritual significance and soothing effects, it is one of the most popular stones for meditations.

Use Amethyst to feel calm when you are stressed or anxious.

4. Amazonite 

Amazonite is famously known as the “Hope stone” because it boosts inner confidence and fills you with optimism. Emanating a gentle energy that calms the soul, Amazonite inspires authenticity and childlike honesty with others. It helps you access and articulate your innermost truths.

Harness this stone to inspire a hopeful spirit and to communicate peacefully with loved ones.

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