How Can I Become a Patient


How Can I Become a Patient?

Perhaps, you do not feel well or you just know that something is wrong. You’ve expected better results from your medical treatments or you can’t stomach another pill.

Initially, you will need to book a consultation for a non-refundable fee of $135. Said session will allow you the opportunity to share knowledge of any medications, symptoms and documents (pertaining to your diagnosis) to be reviewed and ascertain whether or not your case is acceptable to the protocols offered by Method Moreno.

Once you are scheduled for an interview, you must be available with questions and pertinent information at the selected time. You cannot divide the call into multiple sessions.

A follow-up call costs $37.

Can I Treat Myself Using the Method Moreno?

If you are waiting for your medical doctor to confirm information and would like to sustain or improve your health or you have received a stem cell transplant or IV protocol with our services and wish to continue self-treatments, we can educate you and/or interested parties to care for your existing condition.

What is the Cost for Me to Visit Method Moreno in Mexico?

We will gladly send you our prices. For individuals choosing to fly into Mexico City and cover their own hotel, travel and food, the prices start at $3700 USD. This package covers 3 days of treatments.

What are the Advantages of Visiting Method Moreno in Mexico?

We suggest Mexico for the following reasons:

  • Moreno has accessibility to the best stem cells, etc and is able to make changes to his protocol should unknown complications be discovered during the visit.
  • The expensives are minimized and you can relax in your hotel.
  • Mexico City and the surrounding areas allow one to experience medical tourism at a fraction of the cost of the American medical industry without the additional stresses.

Why Do You Not Show Testimonials?

Mexico is a country that relies on word-of-mouth. We respect the privacy of our patients and understand that every individual and case are different. Fortunately, we have several success stories, but we refuse to celebrate without recognizing the failures that educated us or preparing for those awaiting our help.

Does Method Moreno Treat Sports Injuries?

Platelet Rich Plasma can potentially treat a range of sports injuries and acute injuries resulting in tendón, ligament and joint pain.

Soft tissue injuries are most responsive to PRP Therapy. However, the experiences of Method Moreno have been enhanced by the use of apitoxin and stem cells to increase growth factors and differentiation.

  • Chronic Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Ligament and Muscle Injuries
  • Joint pain resulting from inflammation
  • Tendonitis (Tennis elbow/Golf elbow)

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