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Memberships & What We DO

Participations and What We DO

SSSE is an expert affiliation committed to advancing and build up the metadisciplinary and interdisciplinary establishments of Sustainability Science and Engineering as a scholastic order in Nigeria, while build up the related proficient greatness in its training among Nigerian scholarly and industry-based specialists.

We mean to advance the examination and research in plan of human and mechanical frameworks to ensure that mankind’s utilization of common assets and cycles today, don’t prompt reduced personal satisfaction due either to misfortunes in future financial chances or to unfavorable effects on Sustainable Socio-Economic Developments, social conditions, human wellbeing, Climate Changes, and nature.

We will accomplish these destinations by coordinating the physical and sociologies disciplines with building and innovation to deal with the environmental, financial, social, and political procedures that decide the maintainability of normal and human life cycles and exercises.

Right now, are going to be empowering and delivering in our individuals, brightness and creativity of astuteness, joined with vision that rises above the bounds of customary logical trains by advancing systems administration and different chances to acknowledge potential accomplices for interdisciplinary joint efforts.

We would along these lines have the choice to characterize significant neighborhood nation explicit and adjacent provincial dangers to maintainability, find precise markers of progress and investigate promising open doors for dodging or relieving such dangers.

Our individuals, whose preparation had targeting mechanical and company procedures and practices, perceive the maintainability challenges confronting this reality, and are ready, through instruction and research, to accomplish a superior comprehension of coordinated answers for complex ecological issues. They utilize their insight and ranges of abilities in sustainable power source and vitality productivity, squander the board, life cycle the board, ecological sciences, emanation control and reduce , environmental change and supportable business and development to hold maintainability answers for corporate and government segments.

The all inclusive move from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the more reasonable Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs), has sharpened developing enthusiasm for maintainability and has made new business open doors for our individuals who have accepted situations in industry, consultancy, administrative offices, and legislative and non-legislative associations. they need great capabilities to figure in universal and multidisciplinary conditions and are pros who have propelled skill in explicit regions and who exhaustively comprehend the perplexing connection among people and their condition.

Our individuals with different disciplinary specializations in expressions, sociologies, life sciences, building and innovative controls, monetary and financial sciences, ecological law, then forth., are found during a wide scope of jobs, including as Faculty individuals creating natural HR for the longer term , in business ventures as ecological advisors, remediation authorities and effect assessors/evaluators. Many are found with jobs in National, State and native Government Policy arranging.

Many are within the oil/gas vitality and horticultural creation, water the board, catastrophe counteraction, national and nearby government strategy arranging and consultants in government and NGOs.

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