Pick a Flame to Discover Magical Message

Your choice will reveal which power determines you and how you could make use of it for good intentions. Pick a Flame to Discover Your Hidden Magic Powers.

Pick a Flame to Discover Your Hidden Magic Powers

Flame 1

If you chose this image, your inner strength is “reason”. This symbol is associated with communication, wisdom and the power of the mind.

Do the work outdoors on a windy day and let the air forces help you. Visualize the air currents that eliminate your problems, ward off the struggle and bring positive thoughts about those people who are far away. In many ancient traditions, air is associated with various spirits and elemental beings

Flame 2

If you have chosen this image, your inner strength is “growth”. Earth is a symbol of fertility and abundance.

The earth element is associated with material wealth, prosperity and fertility. It is a symbol of home blessings and the stability of family life.

Flame 3

If you chose this image, then your internal power is “intuition”. Water is feminine energy and is related to the aspects of the Goddess. Water is associated with the West and with healing and purification powers. After all, holy water is used in almost all spiritual teachings.

Use water during full moon, it will help your intuition. Use water in rituals associated with love and other emotions: if you have access to a river or stream, you can include it in your magical activities.

Flame 4

If you have chosen this image, your inner strength is “truth”. Fire is a great and creative power!
In the symbolism of the four classical elements, re is a purifying and courageous energy, which is associated with strong will and vitality. Willpower and strong energy – this is how you can best be characterized!

Flame 5

The Element of Fire has great power for forging will and determination. It is our inner light as well as a living symbol of the Divine re that burns in every soul.

Magically speaking Fire comes under the rule of Venus – the planet of passions. In ritual and spell casting Fire energies apply to anything associated with your personal power, ingenuity and manifesting will. It can also represent bravery, beginnings and drive. Fire is active energy. It house

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