Which Archangel Is Guiding And Assisting You

We all have helpers, physical and non-physical that assist us along our journey. Some of these helpers are friends, family, counselors, co-workers, spirit guides, crossed over loved one and angels. 


Is the healer and assists those who work with the healing of others and those who are in need of healing.

He also protects those who travel frequently.

The colors associated with Raphael are mauve and yellow. Use and or wear anise and lavender to connect with him.


Is the protector Archangel. He fights darkness and protects humans who work in the area of service.

He also helps you during times of transition and growth. His colors are red and gold.

Use and or wear frankincense and myrrh to connect with him. 


Is known as the soul’s keeper or protector.

He works with children, childbirth, communication and creative writing endeavors, and those who counsel others. His colors are blue and orange. Use and or wear jasmine to connect with him. 


Helps us connect with our ancestors, brings in peace and justice, and assists with mental clarity and finding solutions to our challenges.

His colors are brown and green. Use or wear chamomile and sandalwood to connect with him

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